Take your kids to Bearizona in Williams, Arizona


On a recent road trip, we found ourselves in Williams, Arizona. When we saw signs for a drive through wildlife park called Bearizona, we knew we had to stop.


A Rocky Mountain Goat rests on the side of the road.

Upon paying our entrance fee of $10 per child and $20 per adult in the car, we were given an audio tour that played through our car speakers. As we entered into different animal habitats throughout the park, the audio guide would tell us about the animals we were encountering.

We passed a family of Rocky Mountain goats lounging in the sun on the roadside. We drove through an area inhabited by American Bison and had to stop the car for the bison crossing the road in front of us. We even got to watch as a White Bison had a snack right beside our car. It was incredible to be this close to such amazing animals with no walls, fences, or cages between us.

River otters in Fort Bearizona.

River otters in Fort Bearizona.

As we continued the two miles through the park, we were advised to roll up our windows and lock our doors when we came to the areas with the Arctic Wolves and Black Bears. We happily obliged. Although we enjoyed seeing the animals up close, we had no desire to return home with a bear.

This peacock strolls freely within Fort Bearizona.

This peacock strolls freely within Fort Bearizona.

After finishing the drive-through portion of the park, visitors are invited to stroll through Fort Bearizona to see even more animals. There we saw newborn black bears, river otters, and nocturnal animals in a special darkened exhibit. There was even a beautiful peacock strolling the grounds while we walked around.

In the back of the fort, there was a petting zoo housed at the Fort Bearizona Barnyard. The kids touched sheep, chickens, and goats before we continued on our way.

Ten months of the year, you can catch the High Country Raptors soaring over the park. The Birds of Prey show happens three times every day and allows visitors to come face to face with raptors, owls, hawks, falcons, and other birds in a show that will entertain the entire family.

Bearizona is open year-round except Christmas Day during daylight hours. Expect to take at least two hours visiting the park. Our family loved this excursion. We hope you do, too.

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