Houston's Downtown Aquarium

Houston’s Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium - Houston

Downtown Aquarium – Houston

We love going to visit family, but we also love seeing the sites. There is nothing better than when we can combine these two things. The last time we visited family in Houston, we decided to take the whole group of cousins to the Downtown Aquarium.

The White Tigers of the Maharaja's Temple

The White Tigers of the Maharaja’s Temple

This is a great place to get out of the Houston heat and see a variety of different creatures. The Aquarium is divided into several sections which feature animals native to those habitats. These exhibits include the Louisiana Swamp, a shipwreck, a rainforest, and the Gulf of Mexico.

The kids loved seeing electric eels, an octopus, and a Tiger Reticulated Python over 20 feet long! The grown ups loved the clown fish, nurse sharks, and beautiful birds.

As strange as it seems, one of the highlights of the aquarium is the white tiger exhibit. These rare creatures are a part of a conservation effort to save this dwindling population of beautiful cat.

Stingray Reef

Stingray Reef

The kids also loved Stingray Reef, a separate exhibit that allows visitors to touch and feed stingrays as they swim past. Although they were a bit timid at first, once the kids worked up the nerve to pet one of these creatures as they swam by, they loved it!

Brave boys about to drop 65 feet on the Lighthouse Dive.

Brave boys about to drop 65 feet on the Lighthouse Dive.

Outside the aquarium are games and rides that will have kids of all ages ready to play. There is a Ferris Wheel, a carousel, and the Lighthouse Dive that drops riders 65 feet. The biggest hit for our family was the Shark Voyage, a train ride through a 200,000 gallon shark tank. This is a whole new way to see sharks up close as they swim right over you.

Prices for the Downtown Aquarium are separate for the exhibits, stingray reef, and games outside. The best deal, however, is the all-day pass for $16.99 (children under 2 are free). This pass gets you access to the aquarium, stingray reef, and unlimited rides outside. Open every day at 10 a.m., the Downtown Aquarium is a great place to escape the humidity and sneak in a little learning made fun.

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