Seizing opportunities while traveling with your family is a guaranteed way to make fantastic memories.

Seizing Opportunities

One of our favorite parts about traveling is being flexible and spontaneous enough to seize the opportunities that present themselves. These come in different forms: Location-Specific Opportunities – When we are on a road trip, we scour the map for stops to make along the way. We always try to put a little buffer time into our travels to allow …

Robin DufilhoSeizing Opportunities
A free road trip packing list printable download.

Road Trip Packing List

The Fourth of July is next weekend and that means that several of you will be embarking on road trips. Our family has been on the road so frequently, I feel like we have it down to a science. Here is the packing list I use when it’s time to load up the car. I’ve broken my packing list up …

Robin DufilhoRoad Trip Packing List
8 tips for taking kids to art museums.

Kids and Art Museums

Many larger cities have several sites to see, including art museums. Now wait, I can already hear the groans – who would take a kid to an art museum?!? But trust me, your kids will love an art museum if you prepare them for it! Besides remembering to go over the basic rules of a museum (be on your best …

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Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Whether you’re stopping to stretch your legs, or your ultimate destination is a natural setting, parks and outdoor areas are a  frequent part of many family vacations. One way to pass your time outside is by having your kids participate in a nature scavenger hunt; it’s a great way to help kids burn energy and explore the outdoors. 

Robin DufilhoNature Scavenger Hunts
Tips for teaching family history on your travels.

A Trip Through Family History

For us, travel is about education. Children who travel learn, retain, and understand things better than those who simply read about them in books. Children are exposed to history, cultures, and people in their travels that they would probably never encounter in their home towns. In addition to the history of the state, country, and world we live in, it …

Robin DufilhoA Trip Through Family History
Everything you need to know about the NPS Junior Ranger program.

Junior Rangers

If you have a child under 12, you need to know about the Junior Ranger program offered by the National Parks System. I have mentioned how much we love National Parks before (they’re historical, inexpensive, beautiful, and family friendly), but I have never explained just how much our kids love the Junior Ranger program.

Robin DufilhoJunior Rangers
Flags make an inexpensive travel souvenir.


I am a sucker for inexpensive souvenirs that I can use with the kids over and over after a trip is done. My favorite collection from our overseas travel is a flag from each country that we have visited. With each flag that we collect, we see that country’s visual symbol to the world.

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Using maps to get kids excited about traveling.


Traveling doesn’t begin or end on the road. There is a lot of planning that needs to go into a trip before it can begin. At the same time, the memories and experiences of a trip will stay with you long after the suitcases are put away.

Robin DufilhoMaps

Books for Kids

Books are a great way for children to exercise their imagination, and a trip is the perfect opportunity to read. When else do kids have countless hours of uninterrupted time to sit and read? Traveling takes time, so I encourage our children to read books about the places we are going.

Robin DufilhoBooks for Kids