Ellie’s Essentials: Feeling Carsick

If you’re a carsick kid like I am, and your family takes road trips, you will probably need a few special items to make sure nothing bad happens. First, you probably don’t want to be sitting in the very back – it makes me pretty motion sick. Instead, you should probably sit in the middle row if you have a minivan. Make sure that you are able to look out the window from where you are sitting. If you have a regular car, sit so you can see out the front window.

Always have a throw-up bag just in case you feel sick. You can use any plastic bag or a doggy-doo bag, if you have one. Keep your bag in the pocket in front of you so that it can be close by.

If you do feel sick, make sure that you grab your bag. Look out the window and turn the vent so that cold air will blow on you. Remember to take deep breaths until the feeling passes.

Don’t let feeling sick ruin your trip. I know it’s a bummer to be sick, but it happens. Try your best to stay calm and enjoy the trip anyway. You won’t feel motion sick once you get there!


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Ellie is a 10 year old girl who just started the 5th grade. She enjoys archery, plays the piano, and loves to write. While traveling, she enjoys taking audio tours of museums and learning about anything having to do with the Tudor monarchy. (She's slightly obsessed with Henry VIII.)

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Ellie DufilhoEllie’s Essentials: Feeling Carsick

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  1. Stephanie king

    K gets motion sick too. Usually we have to give her medicine, but now that she’s getting older, she can control it better. She is also not allowed to ride in the third row! :)

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