Flags make an inexpensive travel souvenir.


I am a sucker for inexpensive souvenirs that I can use with the kids over and over after a trip is done. My favorite collection from our overseas travel is a flag from each country that we have visited.

With each flag that we collect, we see that country’s visual symbol to the world.

We discuss why countries used certain colors and why specific symbols are pictured on each flag. For instance, did you know that the flag of the United Kingdom is a combination of the flags of England, Scotland, and Ireland? Were you aware that the eagle on the Mexican flag was a symbol representing an Aztec legend? These facts help kids understand a little about the history of a place, while cementing the connection between flag and country in their head.

I buy flags online – my favorite site is Flags! Georgia. They have every flag I have ever wanted in a variety of sizes. I have opted for desktop flags because they are inexpensive and easy to display. The flags themselves cost $1.85 and the stands are 99 cents. Even better, they usually ship the same day, so my order always gets to me very quickly.

It is rewarding when the kids see a flag out in the world and are able to identify it because we have been to that country and learned about that flag.

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Robin took her first flight before she could walk. Because of her airline-employed father’s benefits package, travel was a way of life for her from an early age. A graduate of The University of Texas with a B.A. in English, she is a certified teacher who uses her degree everyday as she homeschools their two children. Her hobby is planning their next trip, which she is always doing.

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