Using hashtags to collect travel photos.


Instagram was able to compile every picture that family members took and posted over the week.

Anyone on social media knows how prevalent the hashtag has become. It seems that every picture, status update, or tweet is followed by a # and a run on sentence. I try not to use hashtags as often as others do, but I have found a fantastic use for them when it comes to travel.

Last summer, we took a family vacation with Matt’s extended family. We had six adults there, all constantly taking pictures of moments. We decided to use a family hashtag to tag all the photos that we posted so that we could all easily see the collections of pictures.

The hashtag we chose this year was #DufsAtTheBeach. (Last year we used #DufsInTheHillCountry.) Using our name and location was a quick and easy way to create an original hashtag that no one else would be using. It also created an easy way to mark the location of these particular photos.

We even decided to put our hashtag on the the back of the shirts we had made for the week. It was a fun addition to our matching t-shirts and made it easy for us to remember to tag our pictures.

Our hashtag was printed on the back of our shirt.

Our hashtag was printed on the back of our shirt.

If you decide to use a hashtag on your next vacation, consider these tips:

  • Choose a hashtag that won’t be used accidentally by other people. #Vacation is probably not a great tag, but a combination of your name, location, and even the year works very well.
  • Make sure everyone you travel with agrees on the tag. This only works if you have several people tagging posts. Otherwise, your feed will look very similar to your photo stream.
  • Each picture needs to be tagged in order to show up. Remember, on Instagram you can put your hashtag in comments and still have it show up in your feed when you search for your tag.

Have fun collecting your pictures using hashtags! What are your family tags? Share in the comments so that everyone can see your travel pictures.


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Robin took her first flight before she could walk. Because of her airline-employed father’s benefits package, travel was a way of life for her from an early age. A graduate of The University of Texas with a B.A. in English, she is a certified teacher who uses her degree everyday as she homeschools their two children. Her hobby is planning their next trip, which she is always doing.

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