Luke’s List: In the Car

When going on a car trip, you don’t really want to be staring out the window all day. That’s why I always bring a few must-have items:

  • electronics (iPod, Kindle)
  • a mobile DVD player
  • a tablet, if you have one
  • stuffed animals to keep you company
  • a pillow and blanket to get comfy
  • water bottle
  • some fruits that you like
  • snacks
  • car games

Ask your mom and dad if you can have a whole row to yourself if you have a minivan. Your sibling can sit in front and you can stretch out in the back row. That way you don’t have to be crowded and you can lie down by yourself. It’s important that you keep your seat belt on, but if you buckle in the middle of the row, you can lean to one side.

My mom says that if we really need to go the bathroom, we will ask three times. She doesn’t like pulling over until we have asked over and over. Remember to go to the bathroom right before you get in the car to travel. It is important that you try even if you don’t feel like you have to.

Wear comfy clothes in the car. Do not wear jeans. Wear exercise shirts and sweat pants because they are loose and let you move.


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Luke is 12 years old and just completed the 6th grade. He enjoys soccer, performing, and making people laugh. His favorite thing about traveling is the souvenir shops. Unfortunately, his funds are limited to the allowance he collects by doing his chores (which are not always remembered).

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Luke DufilhoLuke’s List: In the Car

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