Junior Park Rangers Video

Today is Junior Ranger Day at the National Parks. To celebrate, check out our newest video about the program we love so much. Also, read our blog post about being a junior ranger.

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Matt has a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy, but he always dabbled in video production. About ten years ago he turned his hobby into his profession. He became the video producer for a local hospital as well as starting a business of his own. He started traveling as a teenager and took his first trip overseas on our honeymoon. His favorite souvenir from any of our travels is the London Taxi he purchased upon our return from Great Britain. He blogs about that over at Lubbock Cabbie.

Matt DufilhoJunior Park Rangers Video

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  1. Lindsay Sharp

    Hi Luke and Ellie! Twenty badges you say? Challenge accepted. You are currently in the lead…the Sharp girls only have nine. But, watch out! They are in hot pursuit!

    1. Robin Dufilho
  2. Lindsay Sharp

    I just happened to be on the national park service website planning our summer road trip, and saw that they had a link to your junior ranger video! You guys rock!! And to think I get to say “I knew you when…” 😉

    1. Matt Dufilho Post
      Matt Dufilho

      We hadn’t even seen that! Thanks for the heads up, Linz. We need to get those Sharp girls in a video.

  3. Agen Poker Uang Asli

    Very cool video Matt. I think we need to support kids interest on positive things like this. You know kids nowadays happen to more active on social networking than doing things in a real world. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  4. Ken Norman

    Hello, we will be driving thru Redwood National on our way north to Salem, OR and wanted to explore nature a bit at the park on Mon 8/24. We will be arriving at 1200 noon or so and wanted to possibly enroll in a guided walking tour for kids? My boys are 6 and 8 years old and love the outdoors. Were driving up from Danville.
    THanks for any suggestions.

    Ken Norman
    Cell: 562 277 4367

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