Top 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer

Top 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer

As the youngest member of the family, sometimes I have to do things last, but for today’s post Mom came straight to me and asked if I’d write down my top 10 things I love about summer trips with my family. So here you go, Internet. #10.    No school – I don’t think I need to explain this one, but …

Ellie DufilhoTop 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer
Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt

Nature Scavenger Hunts

Whether you’re stopping to stretch your legs, or your ultimate destination is a natural setting, parks and outdoor areas are a  frequent part of many family vacations. One way to pass your time outside is by having your kids participate in a nature scavenger hunt; it’s a great way to help kids burn energy and explore the outdoors. 

Robin DufilhoNature Scavenger Hunts

Mother’s Day

Our family is constantly blessed by Robin.  I could not imagine growing, parenting, and adventuring with anyone else.  This Mother’s Day, we celebrated her as the kids’ teacher, our family’s planner, and the inspiration behind many of our most memorable trips.  Happy Mother’s Day, baby!  We love you!

Matt DufilhoMother’s Day
Visiting Zion National Park with your family.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of our nation’s most amazing treasures. If you are ever in southern Utah, it is a stop that your family will remember for the rest of your lives.

Robin DufilhoZion National Park
Tips for taking your family to Four Corners Monument.

Four Corners

There is only one spot in the whole of the United States where four states’ borders come together. The point where Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona meet is called Four Corners.

Robin DufilhoFour Corners
Tips for teaching family history on your travels.

A Trip Through Family History

For us, travel is about education. Children who travel learn, retain, and understand things better than those who simply read about them in books. Children are exposed to history, cultures, and people in their travels that they would probably never encounter in their home towns. In addition to the history of the state, country, and world we live in, it …

Robin DufilhoA Trip Through Family History
Everything you need to know about the NPS Junior Ranger program.

Junior Rangers

If you have a child under 12, you need to know about the Junior Ranger program offered by the National Parks System. I have mentioned how much we love National Parks before (they’re historical, inexpensive, beautiful, and family friendly), but I have never explained just how much our kids love the Junior Ranger program.

Robin DufilhoJunior Rangers

Junior Park Rangers Video

Today is Junior Ranger Day at the National Parks. To celebrate, check out our newest video about the program we love so much. Also, read our blog post about being a junior ranger.

Matt DufilhoJunior Park Rangers Video
5 (Not So) Secret Treasures in Washington, DC

5 (Not So) Secret Treasures in Washington, DC

I’ve mentioned before how excited I get about other people’s trips. A few weeks ago I was asked, “What can we do on an 11 hour layover in Paris? Is that enough time to see anything?” “Oh my word, let me get out my spreadsheet and I’ll come up with something for you.” Also, I was recently talking to a …

Robin Dufilho5 (Not So) Secret Treasures in Washington, DC