Step-by-step instructions on creating a personalized keepsake from the beach.

DIY: Sand Keepsake Jar

I love souvenirs from our travels. There is something wonderful about having a tangible item to bring home with us to remember our trip. But, I am also pretty frugal when it comes to what I’m willing to buy, and I’m pretty picky with what I’m willing to display in our house (no room for a spoon collection here, and …

Robin DufilhoDIY: Sand Keepsake Jar
Smashed pennies are a great, inexpensive souvenir.

Smashed Pennies

One of our favorite inexpensive souvenirs is smashed pennies (or elongated coins to the true collector). The machines that flatten these coins are ubiquitous at tourist destinations and a lot of fun to use.

Robin DufilhoSmashed Pennies
Collect patches and pins as inexpensive souvenirs for your kids.


Our kids have backpacks specifically for traveling. I bought the plainest, simplest (and least expensive) backpacks I could find for them to take on trips. This is where they put a book to read, an activity book to work on in the car, and sometimes pajamas to change into on late-night car rides. I also encourage them to carry a …

Robin DufilhoBackpacks
A great (cheap) way to document your family travels.

State Signs

We love a road trip. It is the most economical way to get our family of four across the country. Of course, we stop for gas, bathroom breaks, and food. But, we also stop on the side of the road at each new state line we cross. We have a collection of pictures of our family in front of the …

Robin DufilhoState Signs
Making t-shirts for family vacations.


At some point, I know that my kids will no longer agree to wear matching t-shirts. But, until they start to protest, I will always try to make a set of coordinating shirts.

Robin DufilhoT-Shirts