A great (cheap) way to document your family travels.

State Signs


Welcome to California.


Jump for joy – we’re in Arizona!

We love a road trip. It is the most economical way to get our family of four across the country. Of course, we stop for gas, bathroom breaks, and food. But, we also stop on the side of the road at each new state line we cross. We have a collection of pictures of our family in front of the signs marking our entrance into each new state. As we cross the state line, you will find our minivan on the side of the road with the hazard lights blinking and our tripod set up.

This is a free souvenir that anyone on a road trip can replicate. Every family is going to have a camera in the car with them – even if it’s on a smart phone. A 5-minute stop will result in a fantastic family treasure.


Beautiful Utah.

You can even “cheat” at this project. There have been several times when we have found ourselves crossing a state border at night, or the sign was inaccessible for a photo-op. Remember, if you are driving all the way through the state, you will cross the state border again. We have a few pictures that were taken within minutes of each other because we would take a picture in front of the state sign we had just arrived in, and then U-turn to pick up the state we had just left.

We have found that some states have easier signs to get pictures of than others. Often, rest stops or information centers at the state lines will have signs that make for safer pictures than those on the side of the road. These are the ones we find ourselves taking a bit more time at.

I compiled our first 16 pictures into a 16″ x 20″ collage and had it printed by Shutterfly. It is now framed and hanging in our home – a wonderful reminder of the places we’ve seen.


Our state sign collage.

Our goal is to have pictures in front of all 50 state signs before the kids leave for college. I would like three frames like this one with 16 pictures each for the lower 48 states, and then two individual smaller frames for Alaska and Hawaii.  With 26 pictures already taken, we are well on our way to our goal.

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Robin took her first flight before she could walk. Because of her airline-employed father’s benefits package, travel was a way of life for her from an early age. A graduate of The University of Texas with a B.A. in English, she is a certified teacher who uses her degree everyday as she homeschools their two children. Her hobby is planning their next trip, which she is always doing.

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