Top 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer

Top 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer

As the youngest member of the family, sometimes I have to do things last, but for today’s post Mom came straight to me and asked if I’d write down my top 10 things I love about summer trips with my family. So here you go, Internet.

#10.    No school – I don’t think I need to explain this one, but it’s pretty great not to worry about school when you’re traveling. I don’t feel any pressure to get stuff done…I just feel happy and free, and I can spend my time doing fun stuff in the car.

#9.       Water parks – OK, so water parks aren’t something you get to do every time you take a trip, but I love it when I get to. My favorite things are to play around with my family, go down big twisty slides, and try to fight the current in those big lazy rivers when I’m trying to get out. They are especially great when it’s hot outside.

#8.       Junior Ranger badgesWhen we’re in a National Park, working on a Junior Ranger badge really makes me feel like I accomplished something. At the same time, I get to have fun with my family and learn something too.

 #7.       Outdoor activities – It’s always fun to do stuff outdoors when you’re on a trip. Wherever we go places, our family likes to do lots of outdoor stuff: hikes, bike rides and tours, and even more adventurous stuff like zip lines (they are my favorite).

 #6.       Car activitiesIn the car, some of my favorite things are watching movies, playing on my iPad, reading, and maybe taking a refreshing nap.

 #5.       Food – When you’re on the road, you eventually have to stop to grab something to eat. My favorite thing is stopping at gas stations and getting to pick out a snack. M&Ms, anyone?

 #4.       Hotels – Let’s face it, hotels are just great. They’re really fun because you get to be in a new place, but it’s still kind familiar. Also, you get to stay in the same room as your parents, and that’s a fun change. And then there’s the pool. It’s indoors, right down the hall, and your dad can’t refuse when you ask him to swim.

 #3.       Souvenirs – Souvenirs can be just about anything you bring back from your travels: cool rocks, pictures, patches, and stuff from gift shops, too. I like souvenirs because it’s a little bit of where you traveled that you get to bring back with you to show to friends and family and remind you where you’ve been.

 #2.       Out of town friends – One of my favorite things about traveling is when I get to see some of my friends who live out of town. I love it when I get to catch up and have fun with them again. My favorite trip to visit an out of town friend was the trip I took last year by myself to visit my best friend, Sydney.

#1.       Time with family – There are lots of reasons to love traveling, but the best thing is getting to spend time with my family. When we travel together, I feel like I get to learn to know them even more, and we get closer as a family.

So, where are you traveling this summer?

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Ellie is a 10 year old girl who just started the 5th grade. She enjoys archery, plays the piano, and loves to write. While traveling, she enjoys taking audio tours of museums and learning about anything having to do with the Tudor monarchy. (She's slightly obsessed with Henry VIII.)

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Ellie DufilhoTop 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer

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