Making t-shirts for family vacations.


At some point, I know that my kids will no longer agree to wear matching t-shirts. But, until they start to protest, I will always try to make a set of coordinating shirts.

I like a set of shirts for both family reunions and trips to crowded public places. In both cases, matching shirts offer an easy visual identifier of the members of your party. I have found two easy ways to create shirts for the whole family.

First, you need shirts. You can either look for shirts in the color of your choice in all the sizes that you need (Hobby Lobby is a good, cheap source for solid colored t-shirts), or you can buy all white shirts and dye them the color that you would like.

Next, you need to design what you want on the front. Going on a road trip? Maybe do a street sign theme. Is Disney World your destination? Let everyone choose their favorite character for their shirt. Are you having a family reunion? Make your shirts look like a baseball team. This is your chance to get creative.

shirt iron on

I made these shirts with iron-on paper on the front and individual iron-on letters and numbers on the back.

Once you’re happy with your creation, print it out on transferable paper. Note, there are two types of iron-on paper – one for darker fabrics, one designed for lighter colors. Print out your design and iron it onto your shirts. For less than $5 each, your entire family can have a matching shirts for your time together and a souvenir to wear when you get back.

The other option is to have your shirts printed. You can create your own design and upload it to a website like Custom Ink. If you are not creative enough to create your own logo, they will provide designers to help you out. This method is slightly more expensive, but much easier. You can choose your color, the sizes you will need, and wait for your t-shirts to be delivered to your door.

shirts cruise

We uploaded the image for the front and ordered these shirts online.

T-shirts are an easy way to create a cohesive look for the people you are traveling with. It also helps to identify the people you are traveling with when you are all in the same color; crowded public places become more manageable when you can keep your eyes on everyone in your group. Beach vacations, amusement park excursions, and family reunions are all more fun with this wearable memory of your trip.

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Robin took her first flight before she could walk. Because of her airline-employed father’s benefits package, travel was a way of life for her from an early age. A graduate of The University of Texas with a B.A. in English, she is a certified teacher who uses her degree everyday as she homeschools their two children. Her hobby is planning their next trip, which she is always doing.

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