How to make family travel more exciting by building anticipation.

Building Anticipation

This fall our family is taking a trip to Spain and Portugal. We have been thinking about this trip for three years, we put it on the calendar over a year ago, we have been planning it for the past six months, and finally we are in the days leading up to our departure. One of the things that we …

Robin DufilhoBuilding Anticipation
Everything you need to know about the NPS Junior Ranger program.

Junior Rangers

If you have a child under 12, you need to know about the Junior Ranger program offered by the National Parks System. I have mentioned how much we love National Parks before (they’re historical, inexpensive, beautiful, and family friendly), but I have never explained just how much our kids love the Junior Ranger program.

Robin DufilhoJunior Rangers

Boredom Busters

Anyone who has ever taken a car trip with a kid knows that after a while, everyone is ready to be done. Here are some ways to kill time in the car that my kids will vouch for:

Robin DufilhoBoredom Busters
Flags make an inexpensive travel souvenir.


I am a sucker for inexpensive souvenirs that I can use with the kids over and over after a trip is done. My favorite collection from our overseas travel is a flag from each country that we have visited. With each flag that we collect, we see that country’s visual symbol to the world.

Robin DufilhoFlags

Books for Kids

Books are a great way for children to exercise their imagination, and a trip is the perfect opportunity to read. When else do kids have countless hours of uninterrupted time to sit and read? Traveling takes time, so I encourage our children to read books about the places we are going.

Robin DufilhoBooks for Kids