Tips for planning a family reunion.

3 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion

Family reunions are great ways to gather extended family into one place for reconnecting through time spent together, shared experiences, and overall fun. They connect family members across generations and eliminate the distance between families that might be stretched out across long miles. And while family reunions are amazing memory-makers, they can be daunting to plan and implement. Here are …

Robin Dufilho3 Tips for Planning a Family Reunion
How to make family travel more exciting by building anticipation.

Building Anticipation

This fall our family is taking a trip to Spain and Portugal. We have been thinking about this trip for three years, we put it on the calendar over a year ago, we have been planning it for the past six months, and finally we are in the days leading up to our departure. One of the things that we …

Robin DufilhoBuilding Anticipation
Top 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer

Top 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer

As the youngest member of the family, sometimes I have to do things last, but for today’s post Mom came straight to me and asked if I’d write down my top 10 things I love about summer trips with my family. So here you go, Internet. #10.    No school – I don’t think I need to explain this one, but …

Ellie DufilhoTop 10 Reasons to Travel During the Summer
Tips for teaching family history on your travels.

A Trip Through Family History

For us, travel is about education. Children who travel learn, retain, and understand things better than those who simply read about them in books. Children are exposed to history, cultures, and people in their travels that they would probably never encounter in their home towns. In addition to the history of the state, country, and world we live in, it …

Robin DufilhoA Trip Through Family History

Missing Him

We were away from home all summer. I went to Houston in April when my dad went into the hospital. I only came back home for one week, but I needed to return to the hospital when my dad was readmitted. After my dad died on June 1st, it seemed best for me and the kids to stay with my …

Robin DufilhoMissing Him

Ronald Erwin Stone

My dad was the first person who fed my love of travel. He took me on a plane before I took my first step. He understood that travel was the most intensive form of education, and he made sure that, even if it was on a shoestring budget, my sister and I got to see a lot of our world …

Robin DufilhoRonald Erwin Stone