Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was a fantastic stop for our family. We hiked harder than we ever had, saw more nature than we expected, and experienced beauty like we had never seen before. Enjoy the video from our trip.  

Matt DufilhoGrand Canyon
National Historic Sites to visit with your family in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Tuskegee’s Parks

Situated just east of Montgomery, Alabama sits the quaint town of Tuskegee. But within this one town are two National Parks, ready for families to visit and explore. Tuskegee Institute National Historic SiteĀ – Founded in 1881 by Booker T. Washington, Tuskegee Institute began as a school for middle and high school aged African American children. Washington’s goal was to teach …

Robin DufilhoTuskegee’s Parks
Vicksburg National Military Park - a learning experience for the whole family.

Vicksburg National Military Park

On a recent cross-country road trip we stopped for the night in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The next morning we woke up and set off to explore Vicksburg National Military Park. And, although we love National Parks, we had never been to a National Military Park. This park is on the site of a major battle during the U.S. Civil War. It …

Robin DufilhoVicksburg National Military Park
The ins and outs of the National Parks Passport program.

National Park Passports

One of the fun features that the National Park System offers is the Passport Program. Passports are sold by the National Park System and can be used every time you visit one of our country’s parks. You can buy them either at a park or online. We bought one for each of our children because they cost less than $10 …

Robin DufilhoNational Park Passports
Fun for the family in Amarillo, Texas.

All Around Amarillo

We love finding the jewels of the cities we have the opportunity to visit, and recently we spent some time in and around Amarillo. Amarillo sits in the panhandle of Texas and it’s worth a stop for anyone passing through. Consider these options for your time there: Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument – Just northeast of Amarillo is one of …

Robin DufilhoAll Around Amarillo
Visiting Zion National Park with your family.

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of our nation’s most amazing treasures. If you are ever in southern Utah, it is a stop that your family will remember for the rest of your lives.

Robin DufilhoZion National Park
Everything you need to know about the NPS Junior Ranger program.

Junior Rangers

If you have a child under 12, you need to know about the Junior Ranger program offered by the National Parks System. I have mentioned how much we love National Parks before (they’re historical, inexpensive, beautiful, and family friendly), but I have never explained just how much our kids love the Junior Ranger program.

Robin DufilhoJunior Rangers

Junior Park Rangers Video

Today is Junior Ranger Day at the National Parks. To celebrate, check out our newest video about the program we love so much. Also, read our blog post about being a junior ranger.

Matt DufilhoJunior Park Rangers Video
5 (Not So) Secret Treasures in Washington, DC

5 (Not So) Secret Treasures in Washington, DC

I’ve mentioned before how excited I get about other people’s trips. A few weeks ago I was asked, “What can we do on an 11 hour layover in Paris? Is that enough time to see anything?” “Oh my word, let me get out my spreadsheet and I’ll come up with something for you.” Also, I was recently talking to a …

Robin Dufilho5 (Not So) Secret Treasures in Washington, DC