Download a FREE printable family packing list.

Packing List

We are leaving for a trip to Spain and Portugal soon, so that means I am trying to get a handle on what each member of my family needs me to bring for them. [Note: When we go to visit grandparents across the state, the kids can pack themselves. When we go across the ocean, I’m in charge.] I’ve been …

Robin DufilhoPacking List
A free road trip packing list printable download.

Road Trip Packing List

The Fourth of July is next weekend and that means that several of you will be embarking on road trips. Our family has been on the road so frequently, I feel like we have it down to a science. Here is the packing list I use when it’s time to load up the car. I’ve broken my packing list up …

Robin DufilhoRoad Trip Packing List

Bearing Gifts

We love the holidays. But, they wouldn’t be the same without traveling to see family. We usually visit family over Thanksgiving and stay at our house for Christmas, so I have made it my goal for a few years to have all the gifts for my long-distance relatives bought and wrapped by the time we leave at the end of …

Robin DufilhoBearing Gifts
Collect patches and pins as inexpensive souvenirs for your kids.


Our kids have backpacks specifically for traveling. I bought the plainest, simplest (and least expensive) backpacks I could find for them to take on trips. This is where they put a book to read, an activity book to work on in the car, and sometimes pajamas to change into on late-night car rides. I also encourage them to carry a …

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