Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was a fantastic stop for our family. We hiked harder than we ever had, saw more nature than we expected, and experienced beauty like we had never seen before. Enjoy the video from our trip.  

Matt DufilhoGrand Canyon

Mother’s Day

Our family is constantly blessed by Robin.  I could not imagine growing, parenting, and adventuring with anyone else.  This Mother’s Day, we celebrated her as the kids’ teacher, our family’s planner, and the inspiration behind many of our most memorable trips.  Happy Mother’s Day, baby!  We love you!

Matt DufilhoMother’s Day

Petroglyph National Monument

We took a road trip through New Mexico and stopped at Petroglyph National Monument. This National Park, located just outside of Albuquerque, is like nothing we had ever seen before. Take a look at some of the things we found there!

Matt DufilhoPetroglyph National Monument

Galveston Island

We took the kids to Galveston for a weekend and I encountered one of my greatest fears (much to the delight of Robin and the kids). Check out that and other fun we had there!

Matt DufilhoGalveston Island

Tallulah Falls

We spent a day hiking with some friends in north Georgia. As you can see, it was a great time! UPDATE: If you want to read more about our adventures in the Tallulah Gorge, make sure you check out the post Robin wrote about our day there.

Matt DufilhoTallulah Falls

Who Are the Dufilhos?

We are a family of four from West Texas who loves to travel. We would love for you to join us on our adventures, and hopefully inspire you to have a few of your own.

Matt DufilhoWho Are the Dufilhos?