Tips on taking your family to the Coke Museum in Atlanta, Georgia.

World of Coca-Cola

Luke, Ellie, some of their friends, and the Coke polar bear.

Luke, Ellie, some of their friends, and the Coke polar bear.

The most refreshing museum in Atlanta has to be the World of Coca-Cola. This experience will delight your whole family – especially if they love a refreshing soda at the end of their tour.

There is a great app for those going on a tour that you should download to tour the exhibits. You will get more information about what you are looking at as well as facts you would never get from reading all the plaques on the wall. The prices for general admission tickets are $16 for adults over 13 and $12 for kids 12 and under. They are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but hours of operation vary from day to day.

Once you enter this modern building in the heart of downtown, you will be taken into a room that shows off Coke’s long history as a beverage. Artifacts and memorabilia spanning over 100 years and from all over the world are featured in the guided introduction. Next, you will be ushered into a theater to watch a movie featuring Coke as the star. While, in reality, this is a long-format commercial, it is so well done that it brought tears to my eyes.

Luke loved the tasting room.

Luke loved the tasting room.

After the movie, guests are released into the museum to explore the rest of the exhibits on their own. The first floor features several different exhibits. One, about Coke’s secret formula and the vault where it is held, is so interactive and fun, that for days my kids were talking about the “man in the hat”, the fictional character looking for the formula. There are also exhibits about the history of the beverage and a small bottling room where visitors can see how the drink is made and gets into the iconic bottle.

Matt's reaction to trying Beverly.

Matt’s reaction to trying Beverly.

On the second floor, we took in a 4D movie. This was my least favorite part about the museum. In addition to small sprays of water and a surprise poke on the back, the seats moved along with the images on the 3D screen, making it a rough time for those of us who get motion sick. The seats never really seemed to follow the action on screen a way that made sense. There were seats on the back row that did not move, but I didn’t realize that I should have taken advantage of them. Our kids loved it, though.

The last, and most exciting room was the tasting room. Before you go in, you need to encourage your children to take the smallest possible sample of most of the drinks. It would be very easy for a child (or an adult) to overindulge and feel sick later. There were 10 Coke products from each continent on different beverage stations. Guests are encouraged to grab a cup and start sampling. It was fun to see what people from around the world have available to drink. Warning: be mentally prepared before you sample Beverly from Italy. It left a lasting impression on my taste buds. At the back of the room was the Coke station – every kind of Coke combination imaginable all in one place. For kids who don’t often drink soda, and very rarely get sodas with caffeine, the fact that I let them loose here made me Mom of the Day.

You exit the building through the gift shop, but not before receiving a glass bottle of Coke with “World of Coca-Cola” printed on the side. Savvy parents can convince their kids that this is souvenir enough, or you could be like me and walk out with a hat for your husband, a toy for your son, and sunglasses for your daughter. Sometimes, I’m just not so savvy.

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